PhotoWalk Adventure with Ed Hensley

Sunday, March 1, 2015 2-4 pm

PhotoWalk Adventure with Ed Hensley & Lil McGill

Field trip to Ed Hensley’s photography studio and walk around his neighborhood with a focus on capturing the unexpected beauty and surprising delight in our daily environment. Bring a camera and notebook for recording your impressions. $30

Photography is an easily accessible way to find and express creativity in your daily life.  It also helps you bring yourself to the moment, attune your senses.

Ed Hensley is a professional photographer who graciously shares his in-depth knowledge and warm presence. He will give us a tour of his studio and introduction to some profound techniques and then lead us on a photowalk adventure with our cameras. Bring any kind of camera that you want to use, including the one in your phone; it doesn't need to be fancy. It’s OK to bring a sketchbook instead of a camera if you want.

Here’s what Ed says: “Photography’s essential elements are light and seeing. We’ll discuss merging those into one plastic medium that can be sculpted with a camera and other tools. I’ll set up some demonstrations in the studio. We’ll take a short walk around the neighborhood to put some of the ideas into practice.”

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